Sports and traveling for it

Have you ever traveled a long distance to go watch a sporting event? Or even just go where to be able to play some sort of sport? Well, me and my brother Brad do this all of the time. What do we do exactly? We go fishing. And also the occasional kayaking, hiking, camping, making bon fires, chasing grizzly bears around with bow and arrows..  (okay maybe not that last one, ha!) But mostly we go fishing.

What first happens however is the fun part. That’s when we do research on where we would both like to go. This is usually separately, where I’m at my place and he’s at his around the same time. Then we give each other a ring and tell each other about the fishing spots that we found around in the state or surrounding areas. Usually I find the best places. I like to think like that anyways, whether or not Brad will agree with me. We like going to lakes, large ponds, rivers, creeks, and sometimes the occasional dock that goes out into the ocean where we can get some sharks.

OK so this is if and only if you call fishing a sport. We do. When you’re going after sport fish like marlin’s, it most definitely is a talent and skill to be able to catch the big ones.

But on a sport note of that you would probably accept as being worthy talking about, with the NFL going to England now we are planning on going over that way and watching some football games with the new fans of the NFL.  We feel it could get really exciting seeing how the culture of other people watching our home sport. Ok back to fishing….

This past time that we went somewhere I actually went with Brad’s suggestion. It was a lake up in Ohio. Since my friend lives there, it made sense because we could stay for free. The weather was nice, the scenery was beautiful and the time was very enjoyable. Try traveling for some of your hobbies and sport enjoyments. It can really be worth it and heck you may love it so much that you will go out bi-monthly the way Brad and I do!