A Whole Other Fishing Expo

Fishing here, fishing there, fishing everywhere! LOL. Much like the script out of This Is The End movie where Danny McBride is in the living room yelling. Oh it’s great. But so if fishing. Me and the buddies went out with alex for some in shore fishing, and a little bit of off shore combined.

It started off by going through some creeks and through the inter-coastal. Alex, and my two other buddies Marvin and Shawn. This was more of a just fishing trip than anything because Marvin has never experienced anything like it in his whole life time. Going out there, we wanted to aim for reds. Since they were the easiest fish to catch along the banks, along with trout.  Catching reds are more fun Рwell to us it is anyways. We ended up catching more trout than we did red fish. But oh well it was still an awesome experience. Afterwards comes the cleaning part. The gutting.

The meat, you know the good stuff. Marvin and Shawn both has never done that before but lucky for them and Alex’s patience they were “Gonna Learn Today” as Kevin Hart would say! LOL! I know a thing or two about it as well. I would just keep saying “Simon Says Do This” “Simon Says Do That” just to get on their nerves some while they were learning this new way of getting fresh fish into a bag that they could take home. ¬†What a great day out in beautiful sunny Florida with the best friends you could ask for ever since the times of high school, heck even middle school. Sometimes you need to take beginners out fishing so they can see why Alex and I are so interested in going out into the waters all of the time.

Since they enjoy going golfing all the time and Alex and I don’t go out and do that much because of our lack of interest, we both now have a mutual respect for each other’s craft and interest into each sport. We like fishing, they golf. But now we can go back to back inviting each other out for practice and for learning. Although I don’t like golfing that much, I can surely enjoy the day out in the greens. As they enjoyed the day out in the water.